Receive $50 signing up on Tangerine using code: 51023774S1   


Happy Saving

*This offer will expires on April 31, 2018

Until April 31, 2018, The online bank Tangerine is offering a 50$ bonus for new clients with  51023774S1 Orange Key®.

2.4% best savings account rates for the next 6 month and 100$ extra more if you move your payroll to your new Tangerine checking account.

Most importantly, Tangerine offers all daily banking services with NO FEES.

What you get

  1. Checking account with $0 fees (including unlimited debit card use)
  2. $50 sign-up bonus
  3. 2.4% interest rate on saving account for 6 months (then 1%)
  4. $100 if you use Tangerine checking account as your payroll account
  5. $50 every time you referrer a friend or a member of your family

How to get them

  1. Copy the Orange key® code : 51023774S1 
  2. Go to Tangerine signup page and paste the code in «Enter Orange Key®» field
  3. Complete the online application form (5 min online process)
  4. Validate your identity at a Post Canada office
  5. Transfer your first $100 on your new checking account

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